Alphabetical program index
 Fastlog  Data input US Dollars 2200
 FB-Deep  Piles (single) US Dollars 400 to 800
 FB-MultiPier  Piles (lateral loading and groups) US Dollars 1200 to 5000
 FE2D  Numerical analysis (general) Free on WWW
 FE2DNL  Numerical analysis (soil)  
 FEADAM84  Numerical analysis (soil) US Dollars 400 Academic discount available
 FEAR  Settlement analysis Australian Dollars 550
 FEFLOW  Groundwater modelling From Euros 990
 FELPA  Numerical analysis utilities Australian Dollars 550
 FEM  Numerical analysis (soil) 2000 Euro
 FEMA  Contaminant transport (1D)  
 FEMGV  Numerical analysis utilities  
 FEMWASTE  Contaminant transport (1D)  
 FEMWATER 2D  Groundwater flow (2D)  
 FEMWATER BLT  Contaminant transport (2D FEM)  
 Fence & Map Tool  Database systems (with log production) US Dollars 1750 country network licence
 FEPG  Numerical analysis utilities US Dollars 30,000
 FEQDrain  Ground improvement Free on WWW
 FES  Retaining wall design US Dollars 100 Academic discount available
 FESEEP for Windows  Groundwater flow (2D) Australian Dollars 1,375
 FEWALLS  Retaining wall design  
 FIDES-Bearing Capacity  Bearing capacity Euro 400
 FIDES-Settlement  Settlement analysis Standard version Euro 400. 2.5D version Euro 1200.
 Field Data Recorder  Field data collection US Dollars 199
 Field Density Report System  Insitu testing US Dollars 500
 FieldCenter  Field data collection Hosted solution. US Dollars 45 per instance.
 Filter drain  Drainage GB Pounds 330
 FindMaps  Mapping  
 FirstBreak  Database systems (general) US Dollars 420
 FLAC  Numerical analysis (soil) US Dollars 6,250
 FLAC (University of Sydney)  Settlement analysis Australian Dollars 550
 FLAC 3D  Numerical analysis (soil) US Dollars 12,500
 FLAC/Slope  Slope stability (soil) US Dollars 1,250
 FLEA5  Settlement analysis FLEA5 Australian Dollars 550. FLEA5+FLPLOT Australian Dollars 770
 FlexiTrace  Data input US Dollars 125
 FLONET-TRANS  Contaminant transport (2D FEM) US Dollars 495
 Flownet  Groundwater flow (2D) US Dollars 100
 Flowpath II  Groundwater flow (2D) US Dollars 590
 Flowworks  Instrumentation Varies based on subscription
 FLUSH  Dynamics (soil-structure interaction) Free on WWW
 FME  Geographical information systems From US Dollars 700
 FOCALS  Settlement analysis  
 Foot2000  Geotechnical software suites US Dollars 495
 Footing (Inducta)  Bearing capacity Australian Dollars 990
 Footing Design  Bearing capacity  
 Footings  Bearing capacity US Dollars 40
 Forslope  Reinforced slopes and walls Free
 FOSM Calculator  Geotechnical software suites US Dollars 75
 FoSSA  Settlement analysis US Dollars 1100
 Foundation pad analysis  Bearing capacity NZ Dollars 5
 Foundation3D  Piles (lateral loading and groups)  
 FOXTA v2  Numerical analysis (soil) Euros 4000
 Frac2D  Groundwater flow (2D) Free on www
 FRAC3DVS  Contaminant transport (3D) US Dollars 3000
 FracMan  Geological modelling US Dollars 2000 to 10000 per year depending on support level
 FracSIS  Database systems (general) Pro: AUD 9000, Explorer: AUD 3000, Reader: AUD 1000
 FRACTRAN  Contaminant transport (2D FEM) US Dollars 1500
 FREW  Retaining wall design Windows: GB Pounds 2500 DOS: GB Pounds 2350
 FRICPILE  Piles (single)  
 FSConsol  Settlement analysis  
 FTWORK  Contaminant transport (2D FD) US Dollars 250
 FullPixelSearch  Image analysis US Dollars 495 to 895
 FusionMaps  Mapping US Dollars 199

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