Alphabetical program index
 CADA  Settlement analysis CADA1 US Dollars 600. CADA2 US Dollars 800
 CADS Piled Wall Suite  Retaining wall design  
 CADS Re-Slope  Slope stability (soil)  
 California Bearing Ratio  Laboratory testing (soil) US Dollars 600
 CANDE-89  Drainage US Dollars 40
 CandeCAD Pro  Numerical analysis (soil) US Dollars 2395
 CANPRO  Drainage US Dollars 80
 CANSAFE  Numerical analysis (rock) Free demonstration version on the WWW
 Cantilever wall  Retaining wall design 350 Euro
 CANVAS  Contaminant transport (2D analytical) US Dollars 95
 CAPWAP  Piles (single)  
 CAPZONE  Groundwater modelling US Dollars 95
 Carbonate Advisor (CBA)  Geophysics (borehole) US Dollars 3000
 CARIS GEMM  Mapping US Dollars 7500
 CartaLinx  Geographical information systems  
 CARTEM  Mapping  
 Cartes & Donnees MEDIUM  Mapping Euro 1100
 Cartes & Donnees PLUS  Mapping Euro 1600
 CASTeR  Geotechnical software suites Standalone version US Dollars 1500. Network version depends on number of users.
 Catia  Plotting (3D visualisation) USD 45000
 CATIGE for Windows  Educational Australian Dollars 1,000 for site licence
 CATTI  Aquifer test analysis US Dollars 90
 Cauldron Stereographic  Plotting (special) US Dollars 80
 Cazenove  Groundwater flow (2D) Euros 600
 Cbear  Bearing capacity US Dollars 100
 CBR (Quest-Tech)  Laboratory testing (soil) US Dollars 200
 Cc  Laboratory testing (soil) US Dollars 93 + Manual free
 CDS  Mapping AUS Dollars 900
 CE.CA.P.  Bearing capacity US Dollars 450
 CEDPA65  Piles (single) EURO 350
 Cemset  Piles (single) GB Pounds 500
 CemSolve  Piles (single) GB Pounds 1200
 Cerith Service  Contract Planning and Management  
 CESAR-LCPC  Numerical analysis (general)  
 CFITIM  Hydraulic properties Free on www
 CFITM  Hydraulic properties  
 CGM  Numerical analysis (general) Free on WWW
 CHAIN  Contaminant modelling  
 CHAIN 2D  Contaminant transport (2D analytical)  
 CHARSOIL  Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake) Free on WWW
 CHASM  Slope stability (soil) UNIX GB Pounds 3000, Windows GB Pounds 1250
 Chemflo  Contaminant transport (1D) Free on www
 CHEMFLOW  Contaminant transport (1D) Free on WWW
 ChemFlux  Contaminant modelling US Dollars 650 to 5,265 depending on modules. Academic discounts available.
 ChemGraph  Geoenvironmental database systems US Dollars 995
 ChemPoint  Geoenvironmental database systems US Dollars 990
 ChemStat  Geochemistry US Dollars 990
 CIRCLE  Laboratory testing (soil) Free on WWW
 CIRCLY  Pavements  
 CivilFEM  Numerical analysis (general) Euro 19000
 CLARA-W  Slope stability (soil) US Dollars 1900
 CLASROCK  Rock mechanics US Dollars 150
 Classex  Rock mechanics US Dollars 50
 CLiq  Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake) 199 Euros
 CLOG  Settlement analysis GB Pounds 350
 CLU_STAR  Slope stability (rock) US Dollars 450
 COLANY  Ground improvement Australian Dollars 440
 COM624P  Piles (lateral loading and groups) US Dollars 75
 Combined3D  Piles (lateral loading and groups)  
 ComplexMindlin  Settlement analysis Free on WWW
 ComplexTunnel  Settlement analysis Free on WWW
 COMPUTOX  Geochemistry  
 CON2D90  Settlement analysis US Dollars 1000 Academic discount available
 Concrete Performance Report  Database systems (general) US Dollars 600
 Concrete Test Report System  Database systems (general) US Dollars 900
 CONEPLOT  Insitu testing US Dollars 200
 ConFound  Educational Free evaluation version on WWW to UK educational establishments
 ConSetle  Settlement analysis US Dollars 136 + Manual free
 ConSim  Risk analysis GB Pounds 700
 CONSOL (Virginia)  Settlement analysis US Dollars 200 Academic discount available
 Consolidation  Laboratory testing (soil) US Dollars 100
 Consolidation (Geosystem)  Laboratory testing (soil) US Dollars 650
 Consolidation Concept  Educational US Dollars 250
 ConsolPlot  Laboratory testing (soil) US Dollars 80
 Consultant BIM  Contract Planning and Management Rental - US Dollars 250 per month for 20 users
 Consulting Engineer Database  Contract Planning and Management US Dollars 995 for 10 users. US Dollars 100 for each additional user. Customization additional
 Contam Data System  Geoenvironmental database systems  
 Contester  Geoenvironmental database systems GB Pounds 750
 CONTOUR  Plotting (2.5D & contouring) Free on WWW
 Copan  Mapping Free on WWW
 Copan for Windows  Mapping  
 CoPlot  Plotting (2.5D & contouring) US Dollars 310
 Core LIMS  Geoenvironmental database systems  
 Core-GS  Database systems (with log production) Modular
 Coreview  Borehole log production US Dollars 975
 CoStat  Plotting and statistics US Dollars 155
 Counter 3.0  Data input US Dollars 135 MiniCounter US Dollars 50
 Counter PC  Data input US Dollars 100
 COVAR  Numerical analysis utilities US Dollars 90
 CoVis  Plotting (2D x-y) US Dollars 159
 CP ActiveX SDK  Cathodic protection US Dollars 795
 CP Diagnostic  Cathodic protection  
 CPDM  Cathodic protection  
 CPeT-IT  Insitu testing 149 Euros
 CPillar 3.0  Rock mechanics US Dollars 195.00 (Canadian customers Can Dollars 195.00)
 CPT Tool  Insitu testing US Dollars 800, AUS Dollars 1000
 CPT7  Insitu testing  
 CPTGL  Insitu testing  
 CPTINT  Insitu testing US Dollars 350
 CPT-LOG  Insitu testing  
 CPT-pro  Insitu testing Interp. Euros 1400; Formula E 350; Xsection E 700; Profile E 150; Sample E 250; Map E 800
 CQC - Cement Products  Database systems (general) US Dollars 750
 CQC-Field Density  Database systems (general) US Dollars 650
 Cris  Laboratory testing (soil) Free on WWW
 CRISP-90  Numerical analysis (soil)  
 CrossLog  Geological modelling US Dollars 2200
 Crystal Ball 2000  Risk analysis US Dollars 699
 CTL  Instrumentation GB Pounds 350
 CTRAN/W  Contaminant transport (2D FEM) US Dollars 1995, free evaluation version
 ct-Shoring  Retaining wall design US Dollars 495
 Culvert  Drainage Free on WWW
 CUMLIQ  Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake) Free on WWW
 Curriculum Guide  Educational US Dollars 50
 CVM  Contaminant transport (1D) GB Pounds 240
 CXTFIT  Parameter estimation Free on www
 CyberQuake  Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake)  
 CYCON  Settlement analysis Australian Dollars 550

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