Category Borehole log production
Publisher  Interdex (Surpac Minex Group) 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description Coreview is software for on-site data entry, validation and printing of customised graphic log sheets, aimed at the mining industry. Extract drillhole data from existing text files or databases for validation, printing, reporting and logsheet design. Use up to 60 tables and any number of logsheets for a project. Each table may have unrelated sample intervals or positions. Each logsheet may display data from several tables. Each field in each table can have a validation dictionary for dynamic validation of data as it is entered. On screen, logsheets are active documents, allowing data entry directly to linked fields in the tables. On text logsheets, data position is dynamically adjusted relative to the intervals in a host table, allowing easy comparison of data between tables. Scaled logsheets include extremely flexible graphic displays such as profiles, bars, hatching, and point symbols. Export tables as text files for reporting and transfer to other programs. Construct code lists from old databases by importing data and using the unique code extraction facility to generate dictionaries. Manage your digital core photography. Display any rectangular portion of an image on logsheets, accurately positioned and automatically scaled to the scale on the logsheet. The end result is a set of validated, computer literate data tables, such as Collar, Survey, Assay, Lithology. Wash Table feature allows production of washability curves from coal washing sample results. The program handles multiple samples from a single sample interval by storing them in a special table structure. Graphics include a Windows Hatch pattern font featuring most commonly used geological hatch patterns and symbols.
Cost US Dollars 975
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Australia  Interdex (Surpac Minex Group) 

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