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 Bearing capacity   Cathodic protection 
 Drainage   Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake) 
 Dynamics (soil-structure interaction)   Geosynthetics 
 Geotechnical software suites   Geothermal 
 Ground improvement   Insitu testing 
 Instrumentation   Laboratory testing (rock) 
 Laboratory testing (soil)   Numerical analysis (general) 
 Numerical analysis (rock)   Numerical analysis (soil) 
 Pavements   Piles (lateral loading and groups) 
 Piles (single)   Reinforced slopes and walls 
 Retaining wall design   Rock mechanics 
 Settlement analysis   Slope stability (rock) 
 Slope stability (soil)   

Geoenvironmental program index and directory by category
 Aquifer test analysis   Contaminant modelling 
 Contaminant transport (1D)   Contaminant transport (2D analytical) 
 Contaminant transport (2D FD)   Contaminant transport (2D FEM) 
 Contaminant transport (3D)   Geochemistry 
 Geoenvironmental database systems   Groundwater flow (1D) 
 Groundwater flow (2D)   Groundwater flow (3D) 
 Groundwater flow (MODFLOW)   Groundwater modelling 
 Hydraulic properties   Impact assessment 

General program index and directory by category
 Bibliographic index   Borehole log production 
 Contract Planning and Management   Data input 
 Data validation   Database systems (general) 
 Database systems (with log production)   Educational 
 Field data collection   Geographical information systems 
 Geological illustration   Geological modelling 
 Geophysics (borehole)   Geophysics (surface) 
 Geostatistics   Image analysis 
 Mapping   Numerical analysis utilities 
 Parameter estimation   Plotting (2.5D & contouring) 
 Plotting (2D x-y)   Plotting (3D visualisation) 
 Plotting (special)   Plotting and statistics 
 Risk analysis   Site procedures 

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