Alphabetical program index
 OASIS Montaj  Mapping  
 Oasys Geo  Geotechnical software suites Euro 12500
 OEDOMINT  Laboratory testing (soil) Free on WWW
 OEDOMSIM  Educational Free on WWW
 OILVOL  Contaminant modelling US Dollars 300
 Old Electric Log Advisor (OEA)  Geophysics (borehole) US Dollars 1000
 OmniVar  Geostatistics US Dollars 69
 One Point  Laboratory testing (soil) Registered version US Dollars 25. Freeware version available on WWW.
 ONE-D  Contaminant transport (1D) US Dollars 90
 ONESTEP  Hydraulic properties US Dollars 70
 OpenSounding  Insitu testing Free on WWW
 OPILE  Piles (single) 6000 Euros
 OPR  Data input US Dollars 315
 opsEnvironmental  Contract Planning and Management  
 OPTP  Aquifer test analysis US Dollars 50
 Oriana  Plotting and statistics US Dollars 300
 Origin  Plotting (2D x-y) US Dollars 699
 ORION  Image analysis US Dollars 300
 OS Digitizer  Data input Free on www
 Output Tool  Database systems (with log production) US Dollars 600

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