Alphabetical program index
 xatelliteShape  Mapping US Dollars 29
 Xcalcs  Settlement analysis Free on www
 XDAP  Laboratory testing (rock) NL Guilders 7900
 XLSTAT-Pro  Plotting and statistics US Dollars 310
 XSLOPE for Windows  Slope stability (soil) Australian Dollars 1,100
 XSTABL  Slope stability (soil)  
 ZBSoft  Groundwater modelling US Dollars 125
 Z-CON  Plotting (2.5D & contouring) US Dollars 150
 ZONEBUDGET  Groundwater flow (MODFLOW) Free on WWW
 ZSOIL  Numerical analysis (soil) US Dollars 6900, educational and multiple copy US Dollars 3450
 ZSTRESS  Settlement analysis US Dollars 100 Academic discount available

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