Alphabetical program index
 BabyFoot  Bearing capacity  
 BALANCE  Geochemistry US Dollars 100
 BASSIN  Dynamics (soil-structure interaction) Free on WWW
 BCAF  Bearing capacity US Dollars 100
 BCAP  Bearing capacity US Dollars 300
 Beam  Settlement analysis 350 Euro
 Beam on elastic foundation  Bearing capacity Free on WWW
 BeamElas  Numerical analysis (general) US Dollars 650
 BEAN  Numerical analysis (soil) Australian Dollars 1,925
 BEAP3D  Numerical analysis (rock)  
 BearCap  Bearing capacity US Dollars 89 + Manual free
 BEAREF  Bearing capacity Norwegian Kroner 3000
 BearFoot  Bearing capacity US Dollars 600
 Bearing capacity  Bearing capacity Free on WWW
 BEASY Corrosion and CP  Cathodic protection  
 BEASY Fatigue and Crack Growth  Numerical analysis (general)  
 BEASY Mechanical Design  Numerical analysis (general)  
 BEAVER  Groundwater flow (2D) Free on WWW
 BEAVERSOFT  Contaminant transport (2D analytical) US Dollars 70 with book
 BEFE  Numerical analysis (rock)  
 BEMFEM  Numerical analysis (soil)  
 BEMLAP  Numerical analysis (general) GB Pounds 88
 BERM  Pavements US Dollars 30
 BETONexpress  Geotechnical software suites 540 Euros
 BHTV  Geophysics (borehole)  
 BIO1D  Contaminant transport (1D) US Dollars 250
 BIOF&T  Contaminant transport (2D FD) US Dollars 995
 BIOMOC  Contaminant transport (2D analytical) Free on WWW
 BIOPLUME III  Contaminant transport (2D FD) Free on WWW
 BIOSCREEN  Contaminant transport (1D) Free on WWW
 BIOSLURP  Contaminant modelling US Dollars 2750
 BIOSVE  Remediation US Dollars 375
 BLAST!  Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake)  
 Blastware  Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake)  
 BLDM  Database systems (with log production) US Dollars 194
 BLOCK  Rock mechanics Free on WWW
 BLogPro  Borehole log production 149 Euros
 BLT  Contaminant transport (2D FEM)  
 BMWALL  Retaining wall design US Dollars 350
 BOHR  Borehole log production Free limited version on WWW
 Borehole Management System  Database systems (general)  
 Boring Log Database  Borehole log production US Dollars 194
 Boring Log Design File Builder  Borehole log production US Dollars 194
 BorinGS  Borehole log production US Dollars 395
 BSM  Numerical analysis (rock) Free demonstration version on the WWW
 Bulk Density  Laboratory testing (soil) US Dollars 25
 BYGraph  Plotting (2D x-y) US Dollars 700
 BYLog  Geophysics (borehole) US Dollars 199
 BYSeis  Geophysics (surface) US Dollars 199
 BYTriangle  Plotting and statistics US Dollars 99

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