Category Contaminant transport (1D)
Publisher  US Environmental Protection Agency 
Platform Win95/98, Excel
Status Public domain
Description BIOSCREEN is a screening model which simulates remediation through natural attenuation of dissolved hydrocarbons at petroleum fuel release sites. The software, programmed in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet environment and based on the Domenico analytical solute transport model, has the ability to simulate advection, dispersion, adsorption, and aerobic decay as well as anaerobic reactions that have been shown to be the dominant biodegradation processes at many petroleum release sites. Includes three different model types: (1) solute transport without decay, (2) solute transport with biodegradation modeled as a first-order decay process (simple, lumped-parameter approach), and (3) solute transport with biodegradation modeled as an instantaneous biodegradation reaction with multiple soluble electron acceptors including dissolved oxygen, nitrate, and sulfate. The model is designed to simulate biodegradation by both aerobic and anaerobic reactions.
Cost Free on WWW
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Excel 
Supplier in United States of America  US Environmental Protection Agency 

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