Category Numerical analysis (soil)
Publisher  University of Sydney 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description BEAN is a boundary element program that can be used to analyse two-dimensional problems in elasticity. It is suitable for problems such as long underground openings, excavations and other plane strain cases. The behaviour of the elastic material may be specified as either isotropic or anisotropic. It is also possible to model the behaviour of fissured soil or jointed rock by specifying elastic constants for the intact material and the properties and orientation of the sets of joints. The program will then compute the equivalent anisotropic material properties to represent the behaviour of the ubiquitously jointed material. Distributed loadings may be specified along segments of the boundaries of the soil or rock mass. The program also has the capability of automatically generating the loadings that correspond to the creation of openings in a pre-stressed medium. This feature is particularly useful for analysing excavation problems. Strength parameters can be specified for the continuum material, using either the Mohr-Coulomb or the Hoek-Brown criterion. For a jointed material these parameters should be selected to represent the strength behaviour of the overall mass. Guidelines for selecting suitable strength parameters have been published in the literature and some of these are summarised in the program manual. The program computes the elastic stress distribution and then compares these stresses with the input strength criterion. This provides a mechanism for identifying regions within the rock mass where "overstressing" is likely to occur. Output from BEAN can be plotted graphically using the included post-processing programs BETS and BEAPP. BETS reads the geometry details file and generates triangulation schemes which are then used by program BEAPP for contouring the results.
Cost Australian Dollars 1,925
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Australia  University of Sydney 

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