Category Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake)
Publisher  Instantel Inc. 
Platform Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description Blastware software is designed to perform several tasks to assist with vibration monitoring operations. The software can be used to program any Instantel Series II or Series III monitor, manage recorded events, remotely control monitors, as well as customize report content, language, Frequency Standard. The Compliance Module is the vibration event management and reporting software and includes: Download Events; Manage event files; Create Compliance reports; Create FFT reports; Upload monitor settings; Configure remote monitoring systems. The optional Advanced Module includes data analysis features and extended monitor setup options including: Set up the monitor to use custom sensors; Set up the monitor for extended sample rates; Perform post event signal processing; Analyze waveform data; Analyze histogram data; Conduct timeline analysis; Conduct Signature- hole analysis; Create custom Frequency Standards; Customize monitor commands and prompts for any language.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  Instantel Inc. 

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