Oasys Geo
Category Geotechnical software suites
Publisher  Oasys Limited 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description Oasys Geo comprises 13 programs covering various geotechnical problems. The programs are available separately:
FREW - Flexible retaining wall analysis
STAWALL - Retaining wall stability analysis
GRETA - Gravity retaining wall analysis
PILE - Vertical pile capacity
ALP - Laterally loaded pile analysis
PILSET - Pile settlement analysis
DRIVE - Pile driving analysis
SLOPE - Slope stability analysis
VDISP - Vertical displacement analysis
MINLIN - Mindlin ground movement analysis
CLOG - Soil consolidation calculations
SAFE - Geotechnical finite element analysis
SEEP - Steady state seepage analysis
Cost Euro 12500
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Hong Kong  Whole Win (Group) Ltd 
Supplier in Ireland  ENCAD Systems Limited 
Supplier in Italy  Geomarc Ltd 
Supplier in Singapore  Civil & Structural Computing (Asia) PTE Limited 
Supplier in United Kingdom  Integer 
Supplier in United Kingdom  Oasys Limited 
Supplier in United States of America  GEMSoft 

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