Category Geochemistry
Publisher  National Water Research Institute 
Platform Win3x, CDROM
Status Commercial
Description COMPUTOX is a spreadsheet type toxicity database containing thousands of toxicological and physico-chemical data in a format which is compatible with commercially available software. It permits the data to be analysed, sorted, extracted, combined, graphed and manipulated. The database can also be searched by name, CAS number, RTECS number, chemical formula, molecular weight, or by SMILES notation. At present the database contains acute and sub-chronic toxicity data on over 4000 chemicals for over 30 aquatic and terrestrial species and endpoints, together with the environmentally relevant physico-chemical data. Microtox toxicity data for over 1500 different chemicals. Query System, allows for data extraction on user specified files and criteria, Browser System, Form and Tabular displays. File export to ASCII format.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  National Water Research Institute 

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