CADS Piled Wall Suite
Category Retaining wall design
Publisher  CADS Computer and Design Services Ltd 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description CADS Piled Wall Suite consists of a series of dynamically linked software modules for analysis and design of embedded walls in concrete or steel. The wall analysis module - Performs the stability analysis of embedded, propped and cantilever walls to determine pile length, factor of safety, moments and shears for section design. The program uses the CP2 gross pressure method, BSC net pressure method, CIRIA effective net pressure method and factored soil strength limiting equilibrium method. It can handle situations involving multiple stages, water levels, active ground slope, passive soil softening, props added and removed as well as simple cantilever situations. The program calculates the pressures, moments and shears and safety factors at all stages and reports both individual and enveloped results in tabular and graphical form. Modifications to any variable can be made so that designs may be refined and their sensitivity assessed on screen. Provision is made for toe cantilever action in propped walls where sufficient penetration cannot be achieved on site. The wall design module - Provides structural design for steel sheet piles, steel king piles with timber lagging, as well as reinforced concrete bored pile and diaphragm wall sections. A library of steel sheet piling sections is incorporated to which the user can add additional section sizes and international types. Steel sheet piles are selected from the section library and justified to BS449. Reinforced concrete diaphragm and bored pile sections are justified to BS8110 with the user having control of concrete and reinforcement variables, so that alternative arrangements can be checked. For king pile walls, the soil analysis is automatically modified in accordance with current practice. Steel sections are selected from the section library and justified to BS449. Timber lagging may be designed to BS5975 (Code of Practice for Falsework). The cofferdam analysis / design module - Provides a design and drawing of a cofferdam including the design of steel framing to support closed excavations. It is particularly useful to temporary works designers as properties and arrangements of walings, props and corner braces may be defined, displayed and changed. Appropriate steel sections are selected from the program library and checked to BS449. The slip circle analysis module - Evaluates and tests the factor of safety against circular slip failure of the soil adjacent to the piled wall. Even in complex situations the slip circles are automatically generated to the users requirements and calculated so as to pass through the toe of the pile. The system has an integrated soils library of soil properties defined in effective or total stress form using a spreadsheet. Users can supply soil data direct or drag and drop pre-defined soil parameters from the built-in soils library, which can be customised to suit site conditions or local knowledge. The completed design may be exported to AutoCAD and other drafting software via .DXF or .WMF, for inclusion in construction drawings or output to a laser printer.
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Supplier in United Kingdom  CADS Computer and Design Services Ltd 

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