Cauldron Stereographic
Category Plotting (special)
Publisher  Resource Dynamics 
Platform Win3x
Status Commercial
Description Cauldron Stereographic is used for stereographic projection plotting. Features include: Multiple true contour sets using advanced gridding algorithm; Output images via clipboard; Input data directly, from text file or with mouse; Find intersections between small circles, planes or sets of planes; Apply rotations, tilts or strain to data; Find sigma directions and internal friction; Find central tendency or fit plane through points; Use weighted data, upper and/or lower hemisphere; Toggle instantly between equal area and equal angle projections; Online manual/textbook covers engineering and geological applications; Apparent dip, pitch and plunge functions; Set handling, counting and editing functions (e.g. 'delete data outside small circle') facilitates geotechnical analysis.
Cost US Dollars 80
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  Resource Dynamics 

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