Category Geotechnical software suites
Publisher  Technology Development Centre 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description CASTeR (Computer Aided Soil Test Report) produces various geotechnical plots and reports for laboratory and field tests, and carries out several foundation related analyses and calculations. The plots and reports have the following features: Selection of line colour, Customisation for various reports; Save and retrieve option for curves and reports; Unlimited annotations; Intelligent scaling; Presentation quality report generation; No third party CAD software required for plotting; Export all plots to BMP, WMF format. The following plots and reports are included: Laboratory testing: Square root of time fitting method plot for Cv; Computation for CBR value; E vs. Log P Semi-log; Computation of Mv; Grain Size distribution Curve or S-Curve; Mohr's Circle Diagram. Insitu testing: Pressuremeter Test; Computation of Benkelman Deflection Data; Pile Load Test. Depth parameter plots: Cc; Mv; Undrained Cohesion; Bulk density; Moisture Content; Plastic limit; Liquid Limit; Corrected Cone Resistance; Corrected Frictional Resistance; SPT. Foundation design: Settlement analysis; Analysis for Under-reamed piles; Bearing Capacity Calculation; Pile Capacity Calculation. Auto-generation of Borehole Log. Sub-Soil Profile plotting through Boreholes. A limited function demonstration version is available on the WWW.
Cost Standalone version US Dollars 1500. Network version depends on number of users.
Data formats supported Images  :  Windows bitmap   :  Windows metafile 
Supplier in India  Technology Development Centre 

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