Category Cathodic protection
Publisher  Bass-Trigon 
Platform Win95/98
Status Commercial
Description Cathodic Protection Data Manager (CPDM) is one of the modules of the Pipeline Compliance System (PCS). It combines the cathodic protection method of corrosion control with scalable database management. The program manages permanent and performance data for test stations, rectifiers, galvanic anodes, foreign bonds and facilities. The system hierarchy may be configured up to five levels to represent the user's actual pipeline configuration. Data is organized in folders and segments representing the pipeline system configuration. Manual data entry is accomplished through input grids and forms. The user may define an additional 130 fields of information. Custom routes can be programmed to provide for efficient data collection. The user has the option of standard reports or creating custom reports through the program's "ad-hoc" report generator. The graphics module is designed specifically for CP analysis. Handles pipeline equations. Data is collected in the field using laptop computers or dataloggers including: CMT PC5L, SinCorder, PDT 3300, and others.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Bass-Trigon 

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