Cerith Service
Category Contract Planning and Management
Publisher  Cerith 
Platform Web/Java
Status Commercial
Description Cerith Service is internet based Technical Services Automation software. Features include: Capture service requests and route them to labs/offices. Define service request types which collect any data and/or documents; Create service queues; Route requests to any service queue; Assign resources to manage queues; Create sub-requests to split processing between service centers or labs; Create and manage searchable knowledge base; Monitor the service process by tracking metrics; Do reporting with filters and sorting; Manage clients and client users; Manage project and billing information; Integrate service into web site - including a portal. Create results including structured data, formatted text, attached documents, graphics, etc. Results available through client interface. Knowledge base to archive results. Browse knowledge base or search. Capture time and expenses. Reporting. Export data. Integrated with email for notification and distribution of results.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Cerith 

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