Category Aquifer test analysis
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description CATTI is a program for the interpretation of tracer test data. It computes: breakthrough curves of tracers in observation wells if the aquifer parameters are known; or it estimates the aquifer parameters (longitudinal and transverse dispersivity) from a measured breakthrough curve. The program assumes a homogeneous, horizontally infinite aquifer with either1D or 2D uniform flow or radial flow. The aquifer may consist of one or two layers. The injection of the tracer can be continuous or instantaneous. Besides manual interpretation by trial and error, it provides an option for automatic parameter identification by non-linear least squares estimation methods. Menu-driven interactive program which allows modification of transport parameters. Input is from the keyboard, or from external files prepared during previous runs. The program output provides visualisation of breakthrough curves via graphic screen output, and can be saved as a HPGL graphics file.
Cost US Dollars 90
Data formats supported Printer  :  HPGL 
Supplier in United States of America  International Ground Water Modeling Center 

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