Category Field data collection
Publisher  Cortex Software 
Platform Web/Java, Windows Mobile Devices
Status Commercial
Description FieldCenter is an online hosted service that lets companies create custom mobile forms applications for field data collection on PDAs or SmartPhones, enabling mobile users to send data quickly and easily to a central location for reporting and sharing. It has geospatial data collection capabilities for mobile GIS and related field operations. The core of the solution is a web-based application that allows users to create handheld applications (or forms) by point-and-click within their web browser. This web-based application also provides centralized management of projects, users and territories, giving more control over field operations. Once activated, the mobile forms are instantly pushed to mobile devices in the field. Users can work with these forms online or offline, and synchronize data when convenient either wirelessly or cradled. Synchronized data is stored in a secure central database and is available within the web-based application, ready for analysis and automated report creation. This standards based data can also be integrated into other ODBC or XML compliant applications using a library of data connectors.
Cost Hosted solution. US Dollars 45 per instance.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  Cortex Software 

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