Foundation pad analysis
Category Bearing capacity
Publisher  Lowe, Peter 
Platform Win95/98, Mac
Status Shareware
Description Foundation pad analysis is an MS-Excel worksheet that solves for foundation pads such as light-tower bases, sign-bases etc. It can handle inclined loads, and investigates bearing capacity of the base, sliding stability, overturning stability. It provides a graph indicating pad length to meet a range of allowable soil bearing pressures, allowing re-sizing to suit field determination of allowable soil pressure. Overburden option is provided, as well as an option to use a central driven pile to provide extra sliding and overturning capacity. Formulae are included to allow detailed calculation sheets to be produced by the user.
Cost NZ Dollars 5
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Excel 
Supplier in New Zealand  Lowe, Peter 

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