Category Contaminant transport (3D)
Publisher  Schlumberger Water Services 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description FRAC3DVS is a three-dimensional, finite element model for simulating steady-state or transient, variably-saturated groundwater flow and advective-dispersive solute transport in porous or discretely-fractured porous media. It can use either an 8-node block or 6-node prism finite element or 7-point finite difference discretization of the porous medium and rectangular or triangular plane elements to represent fractures if present. Block elements can be subdivided into tetrahedra so that grids composed of non-orthogonal block elements can be accommodated. Transport processes include: advection, hydrodynamic dispersion, sorption according to a linear Freundlich isotherm, and multi-species transport of either straight or branching decay chains. A separate pre-processor (NP) is provided for generating simple 3-D rectangular domain finite-element grids and assigning element properties, boundary conditions and simulation control parameters. NP also has the ability to read 2-D finite-element meshes created by third-party programs such as Groundwater Modeling System (GMS) or WCGR's GRID BUILDER. and build irregular, layered finite-element meshes composed of blocks or prisms. General first, second, or third-type (for transport) boundary conditions can be assigned. First-type hydraulic head or concentration input can be time-variable. The ability to read some GMS boundary condition files is also included. It uses a numerical approach which can be either a control-volume finite element, Galerkin finite element or finite difference method. The flow solution has the following features: an exact treatment of the saturation term by using a mixed, mass-conservation formulation, full Newton-Raphson iteration for robustness in handling non-linearities in Richard's equation describing variably-saturated flow, proper treatment of flow boundary conditions along well screens and drainage tiles in heterogeneous media through a non-iterative scheme which uses 1D line elements to discretize the wells and tiles. A separate post-processor (F3DPLOT) for PC-based systems is provided to generate 2D slices through the 3D domain which show hydraulic head, saturation or concentration output. Flow velocity vectors can also be shown. F3DPLOT is restricted to orthogonal rectangular domains composed of block elements. It also has the ability to generate TECPLOT compatible output files in 2-D or 3-D, and supports the generation of output in postscript, HP-GL or raster graphics format. A second post-processor (NF2GMS) can be used to convert hydraulic head, saturation or concentration output files to GMS format. Combined with GMS compatible mesh files (which can be generated by NP) these can be exported and visualized with GMS or other 3-D visualization packages.
Cost US Dollars 3000
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Brazil  Waterloo Brazil Ltda. 
Supplier in Canada  Schlumberger Water Services 
Supplier in Egypt  Noor Scientific & Trade 
Supplier in Germany  HarbourDOM Consulting 
Supplier in Hungary  Jakab es Tarsai Kft. 
Supplier in Japan  RAAX Co., Ltd. 
Supplier in Japan  Terra Corporation 
Supplier in Russian Federation  O Plus K, Inc 
Supplier in Spain  RAMTOR, S.A. 

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