Category Numerical analysis utilities
Publisher  University of Sydney 
Platform Win3x, Win95/98
Status Commercial
Description FELPA (Finite ELement Plotting Algorithm) is a computer program that provides a set of options to visually check the data prior to a finite element analysis or to plot the results of the analysis. The standard options include mesh drawing, "blocky" mesh plots, node and element numbering and checking of boundary conditions and material types. A set of options is available for plotting the results of the analysis including contouring of the nodal and Gauss point variables, vectors of displacements, principal stress rosettes, deformed outlines, deformed mesh plots and highlighting of plastic zones. Contour lines or colour fills can be selected. It was developed as the graphics pre- and post-processing component of the AFENA package, but if can also be used to process the results from other finite element packages when these are modified to produce files which adhere to the specifications. Further, it is possible to use the program to contour any set of data points if the data is presented in the specified form. In order to utilise this program the finite element program must generate at least one mesh-details and one solution file. Specifications for the contents of these files are included in the manual. It contours the results of the finite element analysis by firstly computing Delaunay triangulations connecting the nodal points and the Gauss points. The Delaunay triangulations are suited to contouring algorithms because it automatically avoids forming triangles with small included angles whenever this is possible. Triangles generated outside the exterior surface of the problem or over internal "holes" in the mesh are automatically identified and then discarded before the contouring is performed.
Cost Australian Dollars 550
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Australia  University of Sydney 

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