Category Numerical analysis (soil)
Publisher  ITASCA Consulting Group, Inc. 
Platform DOS, Win95/98, WinNT, UNIX, SUN
Status Commercial
Description FLAC is an explicit 2D finite difference program suited to the modelling of geomechanical continuum problems that consist of several stages, such as sequential excavations, backfilling and loading. The formulation can accommodate large displacements and strains and non-linear material behaviour, even if yield or failure occurs over a large area or if total collapse occurs. The explicit solution scheme gives a stable solution to unstable physical problems. Library of material models (isotropic or transversely isotropic elastic, Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker-Prager, Cam-Clay, ubiquitous joint, double yield and strain softening). Several automatic grid generators. Statistical distribution of any property. Groundwater flow with full coupling to mechanical calculation including negative pore pressure for saturated or partially saturated soil. Consolidation problems can also be modelled. The flow model can be run independently (with automatic phreatic surface calculation) from the mechanical calculation. Structural elements (including non-linear cables) with generalised coupling to continuum. Built-in language to add user defined features (new constitutive models, variables, commands) and control data inputs, analysis, printing and plotting. Sliding and opening interfaces between objects (continuum and structural). Coupling to infinite elastic boundary. Optional modules are available for the modelling of creep, dynamic and thermal problems. Tunnel Support Modeller (TSM) is an option to assist users in the design of deep tunnels in rock. TSM performs 2D analyses on a tunnel section to evaluate different support alternatives. VisualFLAC is a tool designed to improve grid creation process (available as an optional feature). A reduced function version is also available for purchase.
Cost US Dollars 6,250
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Brazil  GEOCOMPANY Tecnologia, Engenharia e Meio - Ambient 
Supplier in Canada  Itasca Consulting Canada Inc 
Supplier in Chile  Itasca S.A. 
Supplier in France  Itasca Consultants S.A. 
Supplier in Germany  Itasca Consultants GmbH 
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Supplier in United Kingdom  Mott MacDonald 
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Supplier in United States of America  ITASCA Consulting Group, Inc. 

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