Category Contaminant transport (2D FEM)
Publisher  Schlumberger Water Services 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description FRACTRAN is a 2-D (cross-section and areal) finite-element model for simulating steady-state groundwater flow and transient contaminant transport in a discretely-fractured, porous media. The porous media is represented by block elements while fractures (optional) are represented by line elements. It accounts for flow and transport mechanisms through both the discrete fractures and the matrix block and also has the option of solving for flow and transport in non-fractured porous media. A separate pre-processing program (PRLFRAC) is provided for assigning fracture and porous media properties within zones having different physical properties. The pre-processor contains a random fracture generator for assigning fracture properties within a specified model domain. Regularly spaced fractures can also be generated. Specified fracture properties include fracture density, minimum length, maximum length, and aperture mean and variance. Boundary conditions include either specified head or constant flux terms while the source terms include specified concentration and specified flux. Dual porosities can also be specified to simulate the effects of fracture flow. It uses the numerical, Laplace Transform Galerkin (LTG) finite-element approach, second-order ILU pre-conditioned iterative solver with ORTHOMIN acceleration. The package includes a post-processor (POSTFRAC) and a plotting routine (FTPLOT) for creating full-color graphical output of results including hydraulic heads and concentration contours. Additionally, the user can also specify a plane within the model domain across which the mass flux will be calculated.
Cost US Dollars 1500
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Brazil  Waterloo Brazil Ltda. 
Supplier in Canada  Schlumberger Water Services 
Supplier in Egypt  Noor Scientific & Trade 
Supplier in Germany  HarbourDOM Consulting 
Supplier in Hungary  Jakab es Tarsai Kft. 
Supplier in Japan  RAAX Co., Ltd. 
Supplier in Japan  Terra Corporation 
Supplier in Russian Federation  O Plus K, Inc 
Supplier in Spain  RAMTOR, S.A. 

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