Category Settlement analysis
Publisher  University of Sydney 
Platform Win3x, Win95/98
Status Commercial
Description FLEA5 (Finite Layer Elastic Analysis) is a program that can calculate the stresses and displacements within a multi-layered soil deposit of finite thickness generated by multiple uniform surface loadings. The surface loading may be applied over a circular, strip or rectangular region. Therefore, this program could be used for standard settlement computations or in specialised areas of interest such as pavement design where the wheel loads are assumed to apply a rectangular or circular loading. All data may be entered into the program by an in-built screen editor. Data from a run may be stored on disk and re-edited on a subsequent run. Plots of stresses, displacements or strains can be made along vertical sections or along horizontal sections. It uses an exact finite layer method of analysis. This is computationally more efficient and reduces the size of the data set when compared with conventional finite element analyses. However, the advantages of a finite element analysis are retained; ie a horizontally layered soil deposit of any complexity (present program limit is 100 layers) may be modelled by specifying for each layer its thickness and elastic soil properties. The layer may be anisotropic or isotropic, and in the latter case an incompressible soil (Poisson's ratio = 0.5) presents no difficulty. Contours of displacements, stresses, deformed grids and displacement vectors can be produced with the optional plotting program FLPLOT. Options include contours of all six stress components, maximum, intermediate and minimum principal stresses, stress trajectories in the plane of interest, contours of deviator stress, vectors of displacement, deformed grids, and contours of displacement. Full windowing capabilities allow enlargement of sections of the plot which are of interest. Hardcopy of plots can be made by printing directly to any printer available under Windows or saved as PostScript files.
Cost FLEA5 Australian Dollars 550. FLEA5+FLPLOT Australian Dollars 770
Data formats supported Printer  :  Encapsulated postscript 
Supplier in Australia  University of Sydney 

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