Category Settlement analysis
Publisher  University of Sydney 
Platform DOS, Win95/98
Status Commercial
Description Program FEAR (Finite Element Analysis of Rafts) is a DOS based program that allows the analysis of rafts constructed on foundations that consist of several horizontal soil layers. The soil is treated as an elastic continuum (although each layer may have different elastic properties) which is an advantage over the use of spring models (Winkler springs) that do not allow interaction between one spring and another. The interface between the raft and the soil is assumed to be smooth. Rafts which have a shape in plan that can be made up of rectangular areas and which are loaded by either uniform loads, point loads or point moments can be analysed. Bending moments, rotations, twists and displacements can be calculated in the raft. The contact stress distribution between the raft and the soil may also be calculated. Results from the analysis can be processed by the included Windows based plotting program FEARP. This allows contour plots of moments and displacements in the raft to be made. Contour plots can be made either as a plan view of the raft or on an isometric view of the raft. To facilitate viewing, the plots can be rotated so that the deformed raft can be viewed from various angles. Hard copy of any plots can be made by printing to any printers available under Windows. Postscript files can be stored on disk for inclusion into wordprocessor documents or the plots can be pasted to the clipboard. A demonstration version is available on the WWW.
Cost Australian Dollars 550
Data formats supported Printer  :  Encapsulated postscript 
Supplier in Australia  University of Sydney 

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