Category Slope stability (soil)
Publisher  ITASCA Consulting Group, Inc. 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000
Status Commercial
Description FLAC/Slope uses the explicit 2D finite difference method to model slope stability problems. It features: a graphical interface; automatic factor-of-safety calculation; arbitrary slope geometries; multiple layers; pore pressure conditions; heterogeneous soil properties; surface loading; and structural reinforcement. Tools within the graphical interface allow for model development at each stage of the process including: creation of the slope geometry; addition of layers; specification of materials either manually or from a database; location of a water table; positioning a planar or non-planar material interface; application of surface loading at any location; installation of structural support such as soil nails or rock bolts. The method has the following advantages over Limit Equilibrium methods: Any failure mode develops naturally, there is no need to specify a range of trial surfaces in advance. No artificial parameters need to be given as input (eg functions for inter-slice angles). Multiple failure surfaces (or complex internal yielding) evolve naturally. Structural interaction (eg rock bolt, soil nail or geogrid) is modeled realistically as fully coupled deforming elements, not simply as equivalent forces. Solution consists of mechanisms that are feasible kinematically.
Cost US Dollars 1,250
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Brazil  GEOCOMPANY Tecnologia, Engenharia e Meio - Ambient 
Supplier in Canada  Itasca Consulting Canada Inc 
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Supplier in United States of America  ITASCA Consulting Group, Inc. 

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