Dips 6.0
Category Plotting (special)
Publisher  Rocscience Inc 
Platform Windows 2000 or later, 32 or 64 bit
Status Commercial
Description Dips (6.0) is designed for the interactive analysis of orientation based geological data. The program is capable of many applications and is designed for the novice or occasional user, and for the accomplished user of stereographic projection who wishes to utilize more advanced tools in the analysis of geological data. It allows you to analyze and visualize structural data on a stereonet, and offers computational features such as statistical contouring of orientation clustering, mean orientation calculation, cluster variability, and qualitative and quantitative feature attribute analysis. For rock slope stability analysis, it includes a kinematic analysis toolkit for evaluation of planar sliding, wedge sliding, flexural toppling and direct toppling. Input the slope orientation and friction angle, and it will display an interactive overlay for the chosen failure mode. The number of poles within critical regions is highlighted and a complete analysis report is generated. Stereonet Plots: Pole, Scatter, Contour, Major Planes. Overlay of Poles, Contours, Planes, Dip Vectors, Intersections. Equal Angle or Equal Area Projection; Upper / Lower Hemisphere. Integrated spreadsheet for data entry. Orientation data formats: Dip/Dip Direction, Strike/Dip (right or left hand rule), Trend/Plunge; Oriented Core (borehole) data; Clinorule data; Include mixed orientation data formats in same file; Traverses / Terzaghi bias correction; Declination correction; Extra Columns (include information about data type, discontinuity spacing, joint roughness, or any other qualitative or quantitative data attribute). Data query, create and analyze subset files; Create Charts (Histogram, Line or Pie); Symbolic Pole Plots based on any column of a file (Qualitative or Quantitative data). Rosette Plots: radial histogram of apparent strike of planes with arbitrary base plane orientation. Stereonet toolkit: Polar / Equatorial grid overlay; rubber plane for interactive data analysis; Small circles about any axis (e.g. friction cones, toppling bounds); Daylight envelopes for sliding analysis in slope design; Fold Analysis (best fit plane through poles); Onscreen pole identification; Data rotation about arbitrary axis. Statistical contouring of orientation clustering, using Fisher or Schmidt distributions; User defined Set windows for Joint Sets. Automated cluster analysis. Calculation of mean orientations, confidence cones, and variability cones (angles). Save processed data files for post-processing in Dips or other applications. Export image files to JPG, BMP, metafile, DXF. All display options are customizable, and the entire view state is automatically saved. JTDIST utility for generating synthetic joint set data with user-defined means and standard deviations. Dips is designed for the analysis of features related to the engineering analysis of rock structures, however, the free format of the data file permits the analysis of any orientation-based data.
Cost US Dollars 895.00 (Canadian customers Can Dollars 895.00)
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DXF 
Images  :  Graphics Interchange Format   :  JPEG   :  Windows bitmap   :  Windows metafile 
Supplier in Canada  Rocscience Inc 

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