Surface III+
Category Plotting (2.5D & contouring)
Publisher  Kansas Geological Survey 
Platform Mac, UNIX
Status Commercial
Description Surface III+ is software for creating contour maps and other displays of 3D, single-valued surfaces. Input is a text file containing X-Y-Z data points. The program will create a matrix of rows and columns describing the surface. Gridding methods: distance-weighted averaging, polynomial fitting, and Universal kriging. Different weighting functions and search methods can be used to create the most accurate grid. Creates contour maps, 3D fishnet diagrams, colour-filled contours, or data-point postings. Grids can be added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided by one another (grid-to-grid operations). Error analysis functions allow the resulting grid to be compared to the original data set. Overlay colour and pattern maps. Translates UTM to lat/long. Exports in BNA, DXF, PICT or EPS format.
Cost Mac US Dollars 399, Unix US Dollars 1995
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DXF 
Mapping and GIS  :  Atlas BNA 
Printer  :  Encapsulated postscript 
Supplier in United States of America  Kansas Geological Survey 

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