Settle3D 2.0
Category Settlement analysis
Publisher  Rocscience Inc 
Platform Windows 2000 or later, 32 or 64 bit
Status Commercial
Description Settle3D (2.0) is a 3-dimensional program for the analysis of vertical consolidation and settlement under foundations, embankments and surface loads. Complex soil profiles and loading conditions can be created and the results viewed in 3-dimensions. Modeling can be staged, and time-dependent consolidation analysis can be performed including primary and secondary consolidation (creep) at user defined time intervals. Groundwater elevation can be staged and horizontal and vertical drainage conditions can be specified. Circular, rectangular or polygonal load shapes can be defined with uniform or variable load magnitudes, and flexible or rigid foundations. Loading can be staged and applied at any depth (e.g. to simulate piles or raft foundations). Excavations can be defined and loads applied within excavated areas. A special embankment designer allows definition of multi-stage layered embankments. Back analysis options allow you to determine the load or time required to achieve a given settlement. The 3-dimensional stress distribution due to loading can be computed using the Boussinesq method, or a new multi-layer stress solution which accounts for the effect of layer stiffness on stress distribution. Material types include linear elastic, non-linear, Janbu, Koppejan, and collapsible soil (hydro-consolidation). To assist with property input, typical parameter values from published references are available. Empirical methods for cohesionless soils are implemented (e.g. Schmertmann, Peck et. al.). Settlement, stress and pore pressure are computed throughout the 3-dimensional volume, and results can be contoured along any horizontal or vertical plane, or plotted along any line. Settlement deformation can be viewed in 3-dimensions, magnified by a user-defined scale factor. Data presentation is interactive, and contours and graphs are updated in real time as the user changes the data type, depth or location. Results can be exported to Excel.
Cost US Dollars 1,295.00 (Canadian customers Can Dollars 1,295.00)
Data formats supported Images  :  Graphics Interchange Format   :  JPEG   :  Windows bitmap   :  Windows metafile 
Supplier in Canada  Rocscience Inc 

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