Spread footing
Category Bearing capacity
Publisher  FINE Ltd 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description Spread footing assits in the design of footings subjected to general loading. It computes load-bearing capacity, settlement and rotation of a footing and then determines the required longitudinal as well as shear reinforcement. Features include:
- Analyses based on a large number of theories (EC7, PN, IS, Brinch-Hansen)
- Theories of settlement analysis (Jambu, Buisman, Soft soil, using the index and coefficient of compression, secondary settlement according to Lade)
- Dimensioning of reinforced concrete according to EC2, BS, PN, IS, ACI
- Shapes of foundation - rectangular, strip footing, circular, stepped rectangular, stepped circular
- Automatic design of the foundation
- Generally layered soil environment
- Possibility to use built-in database of soil parameters
- An arbitrary number of load cases
- Modeling of presence of water
- Modeling of sand-gravel cushion
- Analysis of foundations on drained, undrained or rock subsoil
- Footing with fillet, stepped and circular footing
- Inclined shape of slope
- Inclined footing bottom
- General shape of stress diagram under the footing due to combined bending and tension/compression
- Settlement analysis exploiting the oedometric modulus specified in terms of the oedometric loading curve
Cost 400 Euro
Data formats supported None stated
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