Category Geological modelling
Publisher  Rockware Inc. 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description RockWorks integrated geological data management, analysis, and display software. Features: Data Input/Management: Operates like a spreadsheet, reading and saving row and column data as ASCII tab-delimited files. Gridding Tools: Reads X, Y, and Z data from the data sheet. Gridding algorithms: inverse distance, with optional radial searching and directional weighting, triangulation, closest point, kriging, trend surface analysis, trend surface residuals, distance to point. Grid utilities: statistics computations, arithmetic operations, filtering and logical operations, grid editor, grid export , grid import, and slope/aspect analysis. Mapping Tools: Map types: Point maps, non-gridded contour maps, and grid-based line contour, color-filled contour, labeled cell, strike and dip, uphill and downhill gradient, 3D surface mesh and raised contours. Point maps with customized symbols, and optional proportional scaling. Import commercial land grid data or create idealized land grid maps. Read survey data (distance/bearing/inclination): translate to XY and create map. Annotation with border tick marks and coordinate and axis labels. Legends with titles, scale bars, north arrow, logo, and/or comments. GIS information retrieval and editing of source data for map locations on the screen. Solid Modeling: Reads XYZG data from RockWorks data sheet and linked downhole data files, or from existing XYZG data files (such as output from ProSect). Modeling methods: Inverse-distance (all points or octant-searched points), or closest point. Display solid models as solid block diagrams. Other tools: model smoothing and filtering based on data range, polygon overlays, distance from control points. Boolean models created and filtered based on thickness of ore zones and stripping ratios; density conversions convert volumes to mass. Volumetrics: Compute volumes of X, Y and Thickness values using simple triangulation technique. Or use grid-based volumetrics with thickness, stripping ratio, distance-to-point, polygon clipping, and up to 5 other data column filters; the grid-based volume or mass results can be output in a report and visualized in a 2 or 3D map. Stratigraphic Diagrams: Illustrate formation data as individual strip logs, hole-to-hole cross sections, and fence diagrams. Statistics: 1 variable: Basic statistical computations, relative frequency histograms, normalize or standardize a column of values. 2 variables: XY (scattergram) plots with optional point-to-point, smoothing, and linear regression annotations. 3 variables: Ternary plots with optional point density contours as lines and solid colors. Random number generators. 2D Feature Analysis: Rose diagrams (full or half) created from azimuth bearing or line endpoint data. 3D Feature Analysis: Stereonet diagrams created from strike and dip (or dip-direction, dip-angle) data; plot linear, planar, or rake features. Equal area (Schmidt) or equal angle (Wulff) projections. Hydrology: Compute drawdown for a single well using the Theis equation and display as report and/or diagram. Compute drawdown for multiple pumping or injection wells listed in data sheet. Digitizing: Digitizing of points and individual lines directly into the data sheet. Coordinate Conversions. Geological Tools: Three-point contouring, periodic table of the elements, geologic time scale, structural and trigonometric computations, geometry computations, measurement unit conversions, financial utilities. Export: Graphics files export to DXF, BMP, JPG, EMF and WMF. Grid files exported to ASCII XYZ or matrix, DXF matrix, Ohio Automation ENZ, RockWare RTM, RockWorks DOS (v.7), Surfer (ASCII and binary), VistaPro. Solid model files to ASCII, NOeSYS, Slicer Dicer formats.
Cost US Dollars 999: Academic US Dollars 399
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DXF 
Geological  :  Rockworks 
Images  :  JPEG   :  Windows bitmap   :  Windows metafile 
Mapping and GIS  :  XYZG 
Supplier in Australia  Datgel Pty Ltd. 
Supplier in Australia  Hearne Scientific Software Pty Ltd 
Supplier in Greece  MP & Associates 
Supplier in India  Synergy Software Systems 
Supplier in Japan  Hulinks Corp 
Supplier in New Zealand  GroundSearch Geophysics Ltd. 
Supplier in South Africa  Red Dog Scientific Services 
Supplier in United Kingdom  GeoMEM Limited 
Supplier in United States of America  Rockware Inc. 

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