Search tips

Start with a broad search

Start your search by using only one or two search words. Then after seeing the results of this first search refine your search by adding more words. You can page backwards and forwards through the results.

AND not required

Searching for rock bolt, is the same as searching for rock AND bolt. So, the AND operator is not required and is deleted. The search engine will only return results that contain both rock and bolt. The search engine does not support the OR operator, or wild cards.

Use word roots

Use the shortest, singular version of your search words. rock bolt will find rock, rocks, bolt, bolts, bolting and bolted.

Fuzzy word searches

The search engine has some tolerance of incorrect spelling. For example seepige analisis will correctly find seepage analysis. This can also help to pick up both English and American spellings; for example searching for visualise will also find visualize. But this has the disadvantage that you will not always get the results you are expecting.


If you search for a single word the results are ranked by the number of times that the search word appears in the program description. This may or may not be related to the relevance of the program to solving your problem! If you search for two or more words the results are ranked by how close together those words are in the program description. If you search on seepage analysis you will get a lot of highlighted words for seepage and analysis, as well as the seepage analysis phrase that you require.

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