QuickSurf Pro
Category Plotting (2.5D & contouring)
Publisher  Schreiber Instruments Inc 
Platform DOS, WinNT, AutoCAD
Status Commercial
Description Quicksurf Pro is designed for mapping, analyzing and maintaining complex site data based on large dynamic sample or drillhole databases. Base maps may be created from tabular data in a database. It creates a bi-directional link between AutoCAD, Quicksurf and relational data managers such as Paradox, FoxPro and DBase. It incorporates the entire Quicksurf surface modeling and mapping program with the addition of the following database functions: Inserting annotated blocks into an AutoCAD drawing; Point and shoot access to data tables from within AutoCAD; Loading surfaces into Quicksurf surface memory; Creating database tables from extracted drawing information. Data, both text and numeric, may be posted on the map next to the sample location. Any mappable data may be loaded and contoured. Any symbol inserted establishes a link to the database table and related data in the database tables may be edited from a dialog box by pointing at the symbol.
Cost US Dollars 1695
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  dBase   :  FoxPro   :  Paradox 
Drawings  :  DWG 
Supplier in United States of America  Schreiber Instruments Inc 

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