Category Geotechnical software suites
Publisher  Datasurge 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000
Status Commercial
Description GEOPRO includes 40 programs for geotechnical design and analysis with the following features: Automatic graph generation. Report format for data output. Metric and English units. User manual with theoretical background. Sample input data files. The programs included are :
Bearing capacity analysis
Vertical stress below surface
Square/rectangular footing design
Lateral stress from surcharge
Rectangular combined footing design
Lateral earth pressure profile
Trapezoidal combined footing design
Anchored sheet pile wall
Stress below ground
Cantilever sheet pile wall
Slope stability (Bishop)
Cantilever retaining wall
Non-circular slope stability
Earth reinforcement
Slope stability (ordinary)
Circular footing
Slope stability (reinforced)
Beam on elastic foundation
Plane slope stability
Laterally loaded piles
Slope stability (infinite)
Axial pile capacity
Settlement consolidated clay
Cellular cofferdams
Settlement overconsolidated clay
Dewatering for excavation
Settlement on sand
Preloading sand drains
Time rate of settlement
Flownet analysis
Heave computation
Single pile settlement analysis
Group pile consolidation settlement
Pullout capacity of piles
Eccentric and inclined loads on piles
Braced excavation
Batter piles
Settlement from machine vibration
Rock slope anchor analysis
Settlement for collapsing soil
Cost US Dollars 795
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Datasurge 

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