Category Piles (lateral loading and groups)
Publisher  Lowe, Peter 
Platform WinXP, Mac, Excel
Status Freeware
Description PileClash is an MS-Excel worksheet that checks for close passes between piles. Useful for congested pile areas where the actual length of piles may be indeterminate. A pile clash occurs when a pile is driven towards another, and may touch, or pass close enough to the first pile to risk a collision. Such a collision will be very expensive for the project, in time and cost. Such clashes are detected by the use of vector analysis. The spreadsheet carries out a systematic check of all possible pile collisions for a given pile layout. There are n(n-1) possible combinations to check where n is the number of piles. The worksheet reports only on clashes which occur within the expected pile length (eg above founding level), and provides information about the position of the clash, relative to a point you define on each pile. Can be used for what-if scenario testing.
Cost Free on WWW
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Excel 
Supplier in New Zealand  Lowe, Peter 

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