Category Piles (single)
Publisher  Geo&soft International 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description DIADIM is used for the design of flexible retaining structures such as concrete diaphragm walls, beam bulkheads, sheet piles and concrete piles using a finite element method to model the soil-structure interaction. The deformability of the ground is defined in terms of the modulus at each stratigraphic level, or can be calculated automatically by different methods. The elastic characteristics of the structure can be explicitly defined in terms of rigidity to flexure or can be automatically calculated on the basis of structure section. The user can choose various fixity conditions at the top and bottom of the wall. External moments and horizontal distributed or point loads can be applied. The phased removal of earth downhill from the structure, can be modelled in the numerical simulation. Verification of the moment and normal stress in the section is performed under the highest stress with the Ultimate Limit State method, Eurocode 2, that takes into account the mechanical non-linearity of materials and the non-linearity of the structure. The program determines the bending moment and normal stress and compares these with the ultimate bending moment before failure and ultimate normal resistive stress. Shear verification is performed with the standard method of Eurocode 2. The program determines the maximum shear force acting on the section and that this is smaller than the capacity of reinforced concrete beams (Vrd2) and of the reinforcement (Vrd3). Results can be cut and pasted to other programs or exported in Microsoft Word 97 format. The complete user manual is available on-line. Multilingual (Italian, English, French and Spanish). LAN supported. A full working demo version is available on the WWW.
Cost US Dollars 600
Data formats supported Documents  :  Word 
Supplier in Italy  Geo&soft International 
Supplier in Italy  P.A.S.I. srl 
Supplier in Spain  Geosoft Barcelona 

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