Category Risk analysis
Publisher  Geo&soft International 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description HAPPIE is used in the assessment of the maximum risk of contamination. The program provides a conservative answer to the problem of determining risk levels in emergency conditions, which means that areas where illegal waste disposal dumps, overflows and ruptures of impermeable sheeting are present and where water withdrawal should be discontinued, can be identified. A scoring system is used, derived from H. Le Grand's method, that gives an immediate evaluation of the risk through a limited number of easily determined parameters (depth of water table, gradient, lithology of the unsaturated zone, permeability, distance), on the basis of which the various levels of concentric risk zones around the danger point are determined. The position of the wells on the map marked with hazard zones allows immediate identification of the wells at major risk. Results can be cut and pasted to other programs or exported in Microsoft Word 97 format. The complete user manual is available on-line. Multilingual (Italian, English, French and Spanish). LAN supported. A full working demo version is available on the WWW.
Cost US Dollars 300
Data formats supported Documents  :  Word 
Supplier in Italy  Geo&soft International 
Supplier in Italy  P.A.S.I. srl 
Supplier in Spain  Geosoft Barcelona 

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