Category Borehole log production
Publisher  Geo&soft International 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description DBSOND can be used for displaying and archiving boreholes and lithostratigraphic profiles. The program offers more than twenty predefined column types for the representation of information (geotechnical and geo-mechanical parameters, laboratory and in situ measurements, inclinometers and piezometers). Each column can be customised, and it is possible to create new data styles outside the standard configuration. For the representation of stratigraphies thirty two different geological patterns are provided. The user can assign any colour to the patterns, which are scalable and can be superimposed on each other. A program module for the modification and the creation of new patterns is included. The program automatically performs spelling checks and text pagination. Standard forms for different applications can be created (for example geological, geotechnical or geo-mechanical logs). The output form can be customised with general information and with the company logo. It is possible to extract the columns you want from the main files and put that information in profiles that become synoptic tables. The profiles can be reproduced using different horizontal and vertical scales. Results can be cut and pasted to other programs or exported in Microsoft Word 97 format. The complete user manual is available on-line. Multilingual (Italian, English, French and Spanish). LAN supported. A full working demo version is available on the WWW.
Cost US Dollars 300
Data formats supported Documents  :  Word 
Supplier in Italy  Geo&soft International 
Supplier in Italy  P.A.S.I. srl 
Supplier in Spain  Geosoft Barcelona 

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