Category Plotting (3D visualisation)
Publisher  MAPTEK Pty Ltd 
Platform WinNT, UNIX
Status Commercial
Description The VULCAN Modeller includes Envisage plus a set of triangulation, and grid mesh modelling and contouring tools. Envisage provides the Graphical User Interface and the 3D graphics environment, CAD and visualisation options for the visualisation and presentation of mining and geological information. Using VULCAN Modeller, you can map photographic, satellite, airborne, survey, texture, seismic and other data over 2D or 3D triangulated surfaces. VULCAN GeoModeller adds geological and block modelling tools to the VULCAN Modeller. Lithological, analytical, structural and mineralogical data are all stored and co-ordinated. A stratigraphic version of GeoModeller is available for coal and other stratigraphic deposits. The following geological extensions are also available: Sectional Resources; Geostatistical Estimation and Analysis; Channel Sampling; Geotechnical Analysis; Interactive Borehole Graphics; Integrated Stratigraphic Modelling; and Groundwater Modelling. Visualisation tools are available to slice and contour a geological model on any plane. A raster file can be generated from any variable; the resulting raster file can then be texture-mapped onto a triangulated surface. For mining engineers, a range of VULCAN Mine Modellers offers products designed for various mining methods. Pit design tools create pit designs that can be manipulated, edited and updated in 2D or 3D.
Data formats supported Geological  :  Vulcan 
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