Category Geophysics (borehole)
Publisher  PAZ Software 
Platform Mac
Status Commercial
Description LAS-DataSampler converts and sub-samples Log ASCII Standard (LAS) data files at specified intervals to create smaller and more manageable elog data files that may be used on any computer platform. Features: Set sample interval; Skip header information not required by analysis software; Skip portions of data set; Skip blank lines or lines shorter that a specified length; Choose tab or comma delimited; Save comments option (such as Well name, null value, LAS version, etc.); Save null values or leave nulls blank. Data input: ASCII text or LAS version 1.0 or LAS version 2.0. Data output: tab or comma delimited ASCII text files in a standard spreadsheet format.
Cost US Dollars 50
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Comma Separated Values 
Geophysics  :  LAS 
Supplier in United States of America  PAZ Software 

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