Category Numerical analysis (general)
Publisher  University of Manchester 
Platform DOS, Win3x, Win95/98, WinNT, UNIX
Status Freeware
Description Danfe is a general purpose 2D/3D Finite element analysis package. Originaly written as a companion to DANMESH and DANPLOT. 25,000 lines of Fortran (mostly F90). Supports: Staged Excavation and Construction, Tunneling in 2D and 3D, Footings, Retaining walls, etc. Mohr-Coulomb, von Mise and Tresca yield criteria. Features a bandwidth-free iterative solver (PCG), so large 3D analyses can be run on a PC. Supports 19 different element types; triangles and quadrilaterals, bricks and tetrahedra. Contains its own built-in mesh generator. Can also import meshes from several sources, including Diana, Ansys, DXF, Femgen. Commercial and Freeware versions available.
Cost Free version on WWW
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DXF 
Supplier in United Kingdom  University of Manchester 

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