Category Slope stability (soil)
Publisher  TAGAsoft Ltd 
Platform DOS, UNIX
Status Commercial
Description TSTAB conducts limit equilibrium slope stability analyses of circular slip surfaces by the Simplified Bishop or Spencer methods and searches for the critical circular slip surface. Provides for application of line loads and pressures to the slope and this capability allows for modelling of both anchors and internal reinforcement, such as that provided by geogrids. Automatically computes the pressures on submerged slopes and the pressures due to fluid in tension cracks. Provides several alternatives for specifying shear strengths, allows anisotropic undrained shear strengths and allows specification of local residual factors. Provides a choice of automatic computation of pore pressures from a specified phreatic surface or from the average pore pressure ratio or specification of pore pressures as contours or specification of pore pressures on a grid. Includes an interactive pre-processor for generating input files and generates plots of slope geometry, soil layers, pore pressures, specified slip circles or trial slip circles, with critical circles highlighted.
Cost US Dollars 500
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  TAGAsoft Ltd 

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