Category Slope stability (soil)
Publisher  TAGAsoft Ltd 
Platform DOS, UNIX
Status Commercial
Description TSLOPE3 conducts simple slope stability analyses of arbitrary three-dimensional slip surfaces. It allows the user to subdivide the basal surface into multiple zones in order to more precisely define geometry or properties. Thus it allows more accurate calculation of traditional wedge stability problems because the shear strength can be varied along contact planes. Allows user to specify curved Mohr-Coulomb strength envelopes or Hoek and Brown strength parameters. Automatically searches for the direction of movement with minimum overall factor of safety, provides for pseudo-static analyses and automatically searches for the critical seismic coefficient. Provides for user-specification of pore pressures on the basal surface or computes pore pressures on basal surface given the phreatic surface. Prints the total resisting and driving forces and allows user to account for additional external forces, anchors and simulation of geotextile reinforcement. Generates three-dimensional plots of the basal surface, phreatic surface and top surface for both data-checking and presentation and provides an option to print or plot local factors of safety. Available either as stand-alone MS-DOS program or as a module of the TECHBASE data management system.
Cost US Dollars 3000
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Argentina  Exploraci'on Argentina 
Supplier in Mongolia  Monmap Engineering Services 
Supplier in New Zealand  TECHBASE Australasia Pty Ltd 
Supplier in United Kingdom  TECHBASE Europe Ltd 
Supplier in United States of America  TAGAsoft Ltd 
Supplier in United States of America  TECHBASE International 
Supplier in Zimbabwe  Zambezi Exploration Consultants 

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