Category Contaminant transport (1D)
Publisher  W-GeoSoft 
Platform Win3x
Status Commercial
Description WinTrace is used for modeling of water tracing in one, two and three dimensional flow resulting from the combination of up to three different superposed aquifers by using the Sauty formulae completed with an empirical factor to take into account dead volumes (as for example lakes on a river). When introducing discharges, the program interpolates the missing discharges and calculates the amount of total detected dye, as well as the percentages of dye transited through the different aquifers and the percentage of dye detected at the observed place. Screen languages English or French. A free demonstration version, fully operating but limited to one demonstration file, is available on WWW.
Cost Swiss francs 350
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Switzerland  W-GeoSoft 

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