Category Borehole log production
Publisher  GAEA Technologies Ltd. 
Platform Win2000, WinXP, Visa, Win7
Status Commercial
Description WinLoG can be used to create, edit and print geotechnical and environmental borehole logs in black and white or color. It uses an Access data management system to store borehole and project data. Main features: A master project database is used to track projects over a network and individual project databases for backup and archival. Complex wells can be drawn to scale and contain multiple casings, piezometers, text annotation, and water level measurements. Logs can contain an unlimited number of header/footer titles, layers, samples, wells, text comments, paragraphs, bitmaps, lines, etc. Lithology can be cross-plotted with graphs to highlight the relationship between lithology and graph variables. Graphs can be shown as points, curves, bar charts (histograms) in linear or logarithmic scales. Macros containing text and symbol definitions can be inserted into lithologic layers. Spell checking in eight different languages. Rich text support in headers, footers, descriptions, text comments and paragraphs. No limit to the size of the text. Text can contain foreign characters. All or selected logs within a project can be printed. Lithologic layer symbols can be split vertically to show two symbols per layer. The contact angle between lithologic layer symbols can be specified. Bottom layer boundary as well as the top boundary can be specified. Graph values outside of graph range are shown with a '<' or '>' symbol. Default template and lithologic library can be specified. Total depth can be automatically plotted at the end of the borehole. There is a GIS for displaying and picking boreholes and cross-sections. It can import data in several formats including Excel, AGS Format, GTGS, LogPlot, and gINT. Borehole data can be exported to AGS Format and Excel. Deviated boreholes can be entered and displayed in true depth. The program automatically updates itself to the most recent version. Dockable and floating toolbars, smooth scrolling between pages, popup menus, and on-line HTML help. Add bitmaps, lines, arrows, and rectangles anywhere on a log. GIS for displaying and picking boreholes and cross-sections in WinLoG with WinFence. User's Guide, and technical support. A fully functional demo version of the program is available on the WWW.
Cost US Dollars 695
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Access   :  Excel 
Documents  :  Rich Text Format 
Geological  :  LogPlot   :  WinLog 
Geotechnical  :  AGS 
Supplier in Canada  GAEA Technologies Ltd. 
Supplier in United States of America  Scientific Software Group 

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