Category Settlement analysis
Publisher  TAGAsoft Ltd 
Platform DOS, UNIX
Status Commercial
Description TAILS is used for the calculation of the rate of consolidation of mine and mill tailings and dredge spoils under their own weight and/or surcharge loadings. TAILS uses a central finite difference solution with two iterations on properties at each point in time and automatic updating of layer thicknesses. Allows use of stress-dependent compressibilities and permeabilities. Allows specification of multiple layers with different properties. Allows arbitrary variations in the rate of filling. Automatically accounts for large and nonuniform strains. Shows no loss of efficiency in solving small strain problems. Provision for downwards seepage to a permeable base. Modelling of crust formation. An option to read pond elevation/capacity curves and production rate curves, automatically compute the rate of filling and generate pond elevation/time curves as the product of the analysis. Labelled input files and the option to generate plots in HPGL or as EasyCAD or AutoCAD exchange files.
Cost US Dollars 5000
Data formats supported Printer  :  HPGL 
Supplier in United States of America  TAGAsoft Ltd 

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