Category Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake)
Publisher  TAGAsoft Ltd 
Platform DOS, UNIX
Status Commercial
Description TINKER is a utility program for performing various manipulations with earthquake acceleration histories. These include the following: Increasing or decreasing the timestep without altering the frequency content. Performing baseline correction. Modifying the fourier amplitudes so that the response spectrum closely matches a target response spectrum while preserving the phase relationship and the general appearance of the record. Calculating and plotting velocity and displacement histories. Plotting multiple acceleration histories on the same page. Computing and plotting fourier spectra and phase relationships. Computing and plotting response spectra with a choice of arithmetic, semi-log or log-log (tripartite) axes. Draws tripartite grids. Reads acceleration histories in any reasonable format and saves them eight values to a line with line numbers at the end to facilitate housekeeping. Also has a number of current ground motion attenuation relationships built into it so that mean or mean plus x standard deviation response spectra can be constructed according to these relationships for given magnitudes and distances.
Cost US Dollars 5000
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  TAGAsoft Ltd 

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