Category Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake)
Publisher  US Geological Survey 
Platform DOS
Status Public domain
Description Evaluation of Sites for Earthquake Risk. EQRISK is a computer program for the evaluation of earthquake risk at chosen sites. Seismic events are considered as point sources; their occurrence in space is defined by the user. A variety of parameters may be used to quantify ground shaking, such as peak ground acceleration, velocity, displacement, modified Mercalli intensity, spectral velocity, etc. An attenuation function must be specified by the user, and may be in analytical form or (with slight reprogramming) in tabular form. Output gives annual risks (probabilities of equaling or exceeding) for chosen values of the parameter values for pre-selected risk levels. Output is easily obtained for sites on a grid; thus the program is suitable for seismic mapping. Cartesian or longitude and latitude coordinates may be used. The total computed risks for the parameter values specified are output, for each site of interest. The risks from each seismic source may be output, if desired, by the user. Also, if particular risk levels have been input, the parameter values associated with these risk levels are calculated and printed.
Cost Free on WWW
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  NISEE - University of California, Berkeley 

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