Category Database systems (general)
Publisher  Baker Atlas 
Platform UNIX
Status Commercial
Description RECALL is an engineering database designed to store all types of borehole data for the oil and gas E&P industry. This includes conventional wireline logs, MWD, LWD, core measurements, core laboratory results, borehole images, dipmeter, waveforms, core photographs, thin section, SEM and borehole seismic data. In addition to data storage, it provides an integrated environment for well data applications. The modular system includes: INCLINE II : dipmeter processing and interpretation system: IMAGE : borehole image processing and interpretation system: PETROS II : petrophysics processing and interpretation system: TRANSCRIPT: modelling language: SPATIAL : plotting system for borehole, well location and well trajectory data: RtBAN : induction, laterolog and electric log modelling system: SONIC : full wave-form acoustic processing system. Input data formats such as LIS, DLIS, BIT, Atlas CLS Field Tape, Geoshare, LAS, SEG-Y, SPWLA, TIFF and ASCII files. Data manipulation tools to edit, calibrate, merge and splice and depth match borehole data. Interfaced to other database products and applications which include OpenWorks, Finder, Tigress, Iris21, Terrastation, Stratlog and IRAP.
Cost GB Pounds 10000+
Data formats supported Geophysics  :  Atlas CLS Field Tape   :  BIT   :  DLIS   :  Geoshare   :  LAS   :  LIS/LIS-79   :  SEG-2/SEG-Y   :  SPWLA 
Images  :  Tagged Image File 
Supplier in United Kingdom  Baker Atlas 

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